Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Immersive Experience

Using spatial design to bring the campaign to life across three
separate spaces, ensuring a cohesive presence and experience


Patients with Psoriasis (PsO) and Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) not only lose confidence in their appearance due to the impact of the diseases on their skin, but also experience a decline in their ability to move freely. This loss of confidence extends beyond physical movement, affecting both their physical and mental momentum. They feel stuck and unable to move forward.


With 3 separate spaces, dispersed in location, our initial challenge was to connect them and showcase the presence of an industry leading contributor to the medical area.

An intricate ribbon, assembled with LED’s, printed graphics and fabrics, symbolised confidence and progress, and connected two locations in impressive fashion. The ribbon’s vibrant purple colour, unique to the Dermatology space, stood out amidst the predominantly white, blue, and green tones of the competition.

To bring the third location under the same umbrella, an interactive LED wall served as a digital ribbon, guiding HCP’s to the main presence on the connected booths. The LED wall was reactive to the movements of visitors, with content triggered by sensors. Interactive activations across the booths engaged attendees, reinforcing campaign themes with succinct messaging.

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