Ocean Photography Awards

Digital Event

A digital platform with striking design and interactive technology
delivered audience engagement when in-person events were halted


We had to connect viewers with the story behind the pictures as well as be visually beautiful if Oceanographic were to succeed in encouraging people to take action to protect the ocean – especially when the sudden Covid-19 lockdown prevented real-life connections.

We knew that people respond to success stories rather than shocking visuals, so we used technology to develop deep engagement and behavioural change.


The original brief for this project was particularly exciting: to curate a month-long exhibition of nominees and winners of the first ever Ocean Photography Awards, to be displayed in an iconic London location. Then there was Covid! After months of uncertainty, our new brief was clear: to create an online platform and digital event that would have the same reach as the original event, and tackle the challenge of producing a digital ceremony.

Oceanographic’s approach to encouraging conservation is unique, using stunning photography and captivating storytelling to inspire people to protect the ocean. Curating the digital exhibition entailed immersing the viewers in the beautiful imagery, and the stories behind them.

As well as a powerful social media campaign, a dynamic website that expanded Oceanographic’s eye-catching design language and extensive video materials, we curated and produced an innovative digital awards show. We achieved a setup that would give attendees one-on-one and group networking opportunities similar to those of a real life event.

Extended reality technology helped us to integrate the physical presenter – on an LED stage in London – with winners and nominees dialling in from all over the world, in a complicated mix of pre-recorded material and live segments. With live streaming on social media, we gave access to people who would not have been able to attend the invite-only physical ceremony extending the reach.

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