Immersive Experience

What better way to showcase a suite of ophthalmology products than
with a high impact installation that highlights the power of sight?


Our challenge in 2019 was to design a visually exciting booth that would increase our client’s presence at ESCRS and reinforce its position as market leader in cataract surgery. We were tasked with finding ways to bring their new tagline, ‘See brilliantly’, to life. With an impressive array of surgical brands all fighting for share of voice – from tiny instruments to large machinery – the main hurdle our design had to overcome was space, or lack of it. This meant that every inch of the booth had to be utilised to its full potential, as well as being easy to navigate for delegates.


Our client approached us to help them re-ignite customers’ interest in one of their well-recognised surgical brands across their industry congresses for 2021. They wanted customers to understand the powerful benefits that lay in the product – the value of the advances in visualisation it provided – and how it could bring a real difference for their patients.

We wanted to find an unusual and engaging way to demonstrate the key USP of Alcon’s product that would provide the basis for not only an educational sales piece, but also create the necessary intrigue to drive traffic to our standalone congress site and generate leads. Our approach was to evidence the power of visualisation techniques through infamous historical events, such as the US news story of the 1970’s ‘Face on Mars’ images. Our exploration of the media frenzy that followed demonstrated how developments in technology have changed our perspective on problems and discoveries.

We took delegates on a journey of exploration, from our initial ‘Face on Mars’ headline through the brand story and product content, all of which was framed beautifully around the space exploration theme.

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