Mobile World Congress

Audience engagement

Engaging audiences with content, live demo activations, LED wall, booth architecture and hospitality suite


Getting attention at a busy trade show is only half the battle: the real challenge is to engage people. We encouraged audiences to step into the AI-verse with MediaTek, from creating AI avatars to real-time text-to-video demonstrations, 5m LED screen, 3D modelling and zoning.


Leading brands flex their innovations year on year at Mobile World Congress, competing to stand out against the crowd. MediaTek knew they had to grab attention and quickly engage passers-by in their cyberspace vision of a world powered by their technology.

Eye-catching and hosting beautiful content, three linked LED screens provided the backdrop and structure of the booth, with each screen dedicated to an area of MediaTek’s expertise; automobile, home and mobile. Each capability had a dedicated zone with activations that helped explain MediaTek’s technology, and all three screens could act independently or showcase united brand narrative content.

Storytelling was interwoven across the cyberspace outfits of the booth reps, neon trimming and reflective flooring. Our attention to detail created an immersive experience where people brought the space to life.

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