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Computex 2024 brought tech giants MediaTek, Arm and NVIDIA together on stage, sharing their vision for AI.  MediaTek approached us to create a keynote video and presentation content that would excite, inspire and engage over 85,000 delegates from 36 countries. Watch the MediaTek keynote video HERE


MediaTek approached us to create video and presentation assets on the potential of AI for their keynote speech at AIoT exhibition Computex 2024 in Taiwan. 

We created a narrative that was ubiquitous, seamless and personal. Ordinary scenarios that we all experience every day helped contextualise the benefits, vividly brought to life through our “Imagine” script. 

The biggest challenge? Visualising AI in the video without resorting to clichés like virtual avatars or robots. We focused on how people would interact with their AI assistant through speech, developing a visual cue that integrated animated sound waves coming to life whenever the AI spoke.

We humanised AI, making it less intimidating.

We sparked curiosity in a wide audience about AI’s potential.

And we ensured that when MediaTek’s CEO Dr Rick Tsai was joined on stage by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang and Arm CEO Rene Haas, the video and presentation graphics had expertly set the scene for the audience. 

Watch the MediaTek keynote video HERE and Dr Rick Tsai’s presentation HERE.

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