900sqm Double-Deck Booth

First-of-a-kind product launch in complex, cyber-security sector


Launching a range of cyber security products was made challenging by the mysterious world of cyberspace. The booth had to reflect their values and remain cutting-edge, so we decided to play on the sense of intrigue surrounding a world unknown to many. We built our concept around the idea of the ‘space between’, DarkMatter that surrounds all of us but is unseen and under the radar.


The brief aimed to immerse European delegates in a futuristic environment, introducing DarkMatter and launching KATIM, their secure smartphone. The booth was split into a double decker structure to ensure that private meetings could take place away from the business of the main booth, providing a sense of exclusivity. A reflective ceiling and floor with highly mirrored finishes and LEDs across the booth was created to make delegates feel as if they’d entered the hidden world of cyberspace.

3D modelling and innovative lighting provided a striking backdrop for the secure smartphone, the subject of the launch. The launch display became a piece of art in itself, and was widely photographed throughout the event. Interactive elements including a bespoke app and an AR game allowed delegates to interact with our 3D model that resembled a modern city. Tasked with the mission of “saving” certain parts of the city, delegates were able to see the world through the lens of cyber-security, whilst learning about the client’s offering.

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