Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Analytics-led Strategy

Invaluable real-time analytics meant we could pivot the
messaging strategy on day 2, to land the most
effective message at the appropriate time.


Tracking analytics in isolation is a missed opportunity. We knew that utilising insights throughout the day would aid the reps in delivering their objectives, keep the approach agile, and result in effective content alignment.


As well as designing the booth, our brief included enabling the booth workforce to have engaging, insightful interactions with delegates. We prepared the reps with professional engagement coaching, both prior to the event and on-site, as well as onboarding them with the brand narrative and messaging.

We conducted daily briefing and debriefing sessions to ensure the reps were guided by their peers learnings, and the analytics generated during the congress. At the end of day 1, the analytics demonstrated that the booth crew were not utilising all of the key brand messages, which represented a lost opportunity in a customer rich environment.

This meant we could re-align the booth crew objectives and message delivery which, upon review of day 2’s insights, evidenced a wider range of messages delivered and more varied interactions, in-line with the brand objectives. Analytics allowed us to enhance performance in real-time.

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