Are traditional Brand Meetings still relevant?

In the digital era, you might think that the traditional Brand Meeting is outdated. Yet over the last year we’ve seen a major surge in requests for company meetings that are in person, dynamic and efficient. Here's what we've noticed...

Size isn’t everything. Complexity matters more. Large company spread across multiple countries? Agree a clear and well-planned event location brief. 

People first and last. If your participants are actively engaged and participating, the meeting will be a success. Balance small moments of focus with the bigger, brand messaging and storytelling. 

Agenda creation. No more 2 hour plenary sessions! Keep it bitesize and relevant.

Occupy the space. We’ve got 20 years of applying brands to a 3D space, both virtual or physical, and we begin by applying architectural vision to every experience. 

Content is king. Our inhouse video and broadcast team is all about creating visuals, graphics and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression – just like those LED floors and walls.

Make the experience last. Share clips, interviews and insight showreels after the event to remind everyone about the brand and main theme.  

Fuse content and technology. LED screens are undergoing rapid improvement, with sharper displays, curved walls and floors, and transparent screens that let the sunlight through. Combining visuals and sound with the architectural environment pushes creative content to the next level. 

For the past two decades, we’ve been helping our clients create Brand Meetings, from finding the right location and staging, to agenda development and content creation.

CONTACT US and find out how our internal teams of 3D and 2D designers, video and livestream gurus can provide a full spectrum creative suite for your brand meeting.

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