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mccglc Sustainable Development

The mccglc Future Focus Framework identifies the commitments that guide our development as a business.
These help provide a reference for planning, policies & decision-making throughout our work.

Additionally in 2022 mccglc committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We have identified those SDGs we feel align most closely with our work, linking the goals to our own business objectives. Download our 2022 Annual Report to read more on this.

Supporting our Clients - Project work

We want to push our clients to think about the impacts of their work with us, as these are inevitably our impacts too. We want to be delivering work that we can be proud of - and that means thinking beyond just exceptional creativity, to consider the full lifecycle of our design choices.

We are happy to support our clients by:
  • Tracking & reporting CO2e emissions and waste from every project we work on, supporting ongoing reduction target setting
  • Guiding and advising on where lower carbon choices can be made
  • Supporting & encouraging re-use and refurbishment wherever possible
  • Whilst always striving to reduce impacts, we can also provide Gold Standard offset options to mitigate existing unavoidable emissions

Our environmental

  • We publicly support a 1.5 degree future *(SME Climate hub: Race to Zero)
  • We aim to reach Net Zero by 2040 at the latest across our company operations
  • We commit to measuring our Scope 3 activities and events, and make reductions
    in line with a 1.5 degree pathway
  • We commit to becoming a circular economy business, aiming to divert 90% from
    landfill and incineration in both our operations & our event deliveries
  • We will mitigate our unavoidable emissions and event delivery emissions by
    offsetting these with an accredited carbon offsetting partner

Read more & see how
we are progressing in our
2022 Annual Sustainability Report

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