How do brands incorporate neurodiversity into experiences?

Mark Lightowler

Exec Dir of Strategy, Science and Engagement

Take a more neurodiverse approach to building engagement through experiences. Join mccglc's strategy and design teams for an insight webinar on Wednesday 1 May at 0930 GMT.

The way a place is designed has a significant impact on how people feel and think. Our ‘Neurodiversity in Brand Experiences’ webinar includes two sessions: the first will discuss how neurodiversity affects brand experiences, and the second will focus on applying behavioural science to create better brand experiences for people with different ways of thinking.

Neurodiversity affects how people perceive brands, which in turn affects their engagement and likelihood to change behaviour. That’s why we, as brand experience architects, pay so much attention to how we set up a booth, expo or event. Register for our 45-minute webinar on Wednesday, May 1st, from 9:30 to 10:15 GMT using the form on the link HERE.

Session 1: How does neurodiversity affect brand experiences?
Mark Lightowler PhD GFMD, Exec Dir. Engagement, Science & Strategy, mccglc

People with neurodiversity may process information differently. Mark offers practical strategies to avoid alienating significant segments of your audience, understanding and accommodating neurodiversity within experiential interaction. 

Session 2: Applying behavioural science
Valentino Piu, Head of Strategy, mccglc

Behavioural science is about understanding how people make decisions and think. It’s a valuable tool in the creation of optimal brand experiences that include individuals with diverse cognitive styles. 

Group discussion (questions in advance or live) moderated by Mark Lightowler. We look forward to seeing you on on Wednesday, May 1st, from 9:30 to 10:15 GMT.

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