Booth fashion: turn attraction into engagement

Jules Griffith

Director of Sales & Marketing

From the world’s largest 366 foot animated dome in Las Vegas to Outernet’s 2,000 sq metres of 360º LED screens in London, brands are competing for attention using ever-increasing sizes of screens. But the true battle lies inside the booth. Once that seriously large LED has delivered the hordes, how do you keep them?

Styling your booth hosts will make or break your audience engagement


3 tips to turn attention into engagement:

#1 Fashion storytelling
Fashion narratives help brands connect with people – so don’t treat b2b audiences any differently. Build your narrative by thinking about what story you want your hosts to convey: a warm welcome, an established voice, the exciting challenger, hi-tech expert or friendly face? 

#2 Follow the creative brief
Branded polo shirts won’t encourage people to stay on your booth. Style your hosts as you style your space and give them the power to tell your story. Your creative brief should guide all decisions from spatial design and content right the way through to host styling. 

#3 Attention to detail
The strongest booths give equal weight to the smallest detail alongside the biggest wow factor. Months of planning and huge budgets deserve this attention to detail, because your booth brand ambassadors are often the first to meet your visitors.

So who’s doing it well? From MediaTek’s next-gen sparkle to overalls, models and trainers, here’s a few of our faves from MWC24…

Honor: showing us how to live a smart life with a range of slick, smart, and definitely live models

1NCE: bringing the outdoor booth vibe to life with DJs, grassy areas and the best sneakers we saw all week

Joby Aviation + SKT: proving that launching an air taxi that uses an AI pilot requires a serious overall

Key takeouts
Use your airspace and your LEDs to attract but think carefully about how to make those crowds stay. You can have the best-trained booth hosts who are ready to share your story, but, unless they dress the part, they just won’t feel like an authentic part of the narrative. Whether it’s MediaTek’s space-age apparel, Honor’s slick styling or 1NCE’s fashion-forward kicks, the approach to booth fashion should be as serious as your booth design. Create as many talking points as you can to convert head-turns into engagement and consideration.

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