Arran Cruickshanks, MD, on what’s in store for 2024

Arran Cruickshanks

Managing Director

Arran Cruickshanks, mccglc Managing Director, recently shared his predictions for 2024 with other event agency leaders for Micebook. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s the biggest challenge for the sector in 2024?

Arran Cruickshanks, newly appointed MD at MCCGLC believes talent and recruitment will be challenging this year. “Finding talent from different places and adding diversity is critical to our reputation as a creative agency, and to the events sector. In 2024 we’re excited about collaborating with young design talent from the Royal College of Art on an industry-aligned collaboration that will push thinking for both the art school and our industry,” he says.

What will be most important to clients in 2024?

Cruickshanks says the MCCGLC team is having more conversations with clients about sustainability. “We want to lead by example and encourage our teams, clients and suppliers to adopt socially responsible and sustainable policies, and we’ll be sharing our first Sustainability Report in the next few weeks. Big companies now need to commit to change and put their money where their mouth is, as they have set some ambitious goals.”


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