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1000 Companies to inspire Britain 2016
1000 Companies to inspire Britain 2017
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MWC 2017

Sleek and futuristic, this space put DarkMatter on the cutting edge of cyber security.


Story. Journey. Design. Our unique approach is a game changer.


IFA 2017

A refreshing and vibrant design that reflected Harman’s forward-thinking brand values.

Comms &

Creating unforgettable brands through razor sharp insight and carefully crafted messaging.

"Alone we can do something

together we can do anything"

Matteo Console Camprini
Beth Karpowicz
Operations Director
Cedric Girodon
Sales & Marketing Director
Rachel Canty
Business Development Director
Stuart Norris
Design Director
Lee Frangiamore
Head of Graphics
Paul Penny
Head of Video Production
Clemens Wiik
Head of Project Management
Jörg Streller
Head of Account Management
Tanya Meradji
Project Director
Roger Gray
Finance Director
Anisha Mandalia
Financial Controller
Sarah Issop
Legal Consultant
Misha Patel
Tech Coordinator
Mariana Palha
2D Senior Production Designer
Santa Zembaha
Senior Graphic Designer
Adam Taylor
Graphic Designer
Maks Andala
Graphic Designer
Anete Liepa
Graphic Designer
Konstantin Alonov
Graphic Designer
Gregorio Agawin
Graphic Designer
Emily Brearley-Bayliss
Copy Writer
Richard Dance
Creative Technologist
Owen Dews
Senior Designer
Daniel Fernandez
Senior Designer
Sarina Da Costa Gomez
Senior Production Designer
Robyn Willis
Junior Designer
Adam Rogers
Junior Designer
Emily Goldsmith
Senior Project Manager
Valeria Esteves
Senior Project Manager
Anniken Holt
Project Executive
Sharon Wong
Project Manager
Yasmin Zeitoun
Project Manager
Katlin Moik
Project Manager
Trisha Patel
Project Executive
Dario Tundo
Project Manager
Simon Liu
Account Executive
Amy Niven
Account Executive
Alice Doueihi
Account Manager
Alyssa Rossi
Account Manager
Daniel Walsh
Account Manager
Joe Newmarch
Production Manager
Daniele Voltolina
Motion Designer
Janki Gadhia
Commercial Controller
Elena Conejero
Finance Assistant
Jesse Meade
Office Manager and Executive Assistant
Joann Burton
Junior Motion Designer
Kirsten Howe
Studio Manager and Operations Assistant
Liliya Galabova
Junior Designer
Paola Mack
Account Manager
Dylan Lategan
Senior Motion Designer